About ALDI

Here at ALDI, our stores are designed with savings in mind. We have a unique way of doing things. From our shopping cart system to our small layout to our exclusive brands, here's everything you need to know about shopping at ALDI!

Bring Your Own Bags

Yep, you read that right! To help ensure our checkout process is efficient, and to further our goal for a cleaner planet, ALDI encourages our shoppers to bring their own bags and to bag their own groceries at our bagging counters. Don’t have a bag? No worries! You can always purchase our reusable or paper bags for great prices at the checkout counter. Don’t forget to bring them on your next trip to ALDI!  

Lend Us a Quarter, We'll Lend You a Cart

Before you browse the aisles, you'll need to grab a cart! Inserting a quarter into a cart unlocks it for use. When you're done shopping, you can return the cart to the corral and get your quarter back. This temporary 25 cent deposit saves you money and helps keep our parking lots clean.

Quick Steps to Borrow a Cart

Step 1

To unlock, insert quarter into front slot.

Step 2

Next, pull out the connector chain.

Step 3

To return your cart, push the connector into the slot.

Step 4

Finally, take your quarter to use on your next visit.

Browse the Boxes

At ALDI, we think outside the box by displaying our products inside their original shipping boxes. Just another way we keep our prices low and your savings high.

Our ALDI-Exclusive Brands

Our priority is saving you money on the food and products you want the most. We’re proud to say that more than 90% of the products in our stores are ALDI-exclusive brands. Check out some of our ALDI brands we know you'll love!

Fan Favorites  

Not sure what to try? We’ve got you covered! Every year we put out a survey for our customers to rate their favorite ALDI products and then we share them for all our fans to see and shop. Look for the heart-shaped logo when in-store or shop online to try out these  Fan Favorite products!

Our Products

Because we like to keep our stores small to ensure we can bring you big savings, our product offering may change from time-to-time. Here's a breakdown of our product types so that you know when you can get your hands on your favorite ALDI products.

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Our Fan Community

The only thing better than our products and savings is our customers! Follow the official ALDI USA Insiders group to see the latest Finds that fellow ALDI fans are loving and share your favorites too!

Time to Shop

Now that you know all about ALDI, you're ready to shop! With options like curbside pickup and delivery, it's easier than ever to get high-quality groceries at affordable prices you'll love! To start shopping online, create an account and start grabbing those savings!

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