Healthy living is easier to accomplish when you have access to a great selection of affordable, healthy food. We want to make sure that your New Years resolution for a healthier lifestyle is one that you can stick to. That’s why ALDI has everything you need to stay on track, from heart healthy breakfast options to fresh organic dinner items. We offer a wide variety of fresh produce, gluten-free products, high-protein snacks and low-carb options to fit every lifestyle. Always at a great price.

Start Your Day With Healthy Breakfast Options

Ever wonder how your breakfast impacts the rest of your day? Research consistently shows that a healthy breakfast can positively impact your body and mind, setting a strong tone for the day. So do your future self a favor and pick out some low-sugar, heart healthy breakfast items and be at your best all day. Start with a nutritious breakfast and keep making healthy choices throughout the rest of the day with some Healthy Recipes from the ALDI Test Kitchen.  

Bring Home Healthy Foods When You Shop at ALDI

Healthy living doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite meals every now and then. It means making a conscious choice to bring home healthy foods when you go grocery shopping, limiting your reliance on processed foods, fast foods and other unhealthy options. At ALDI, we pride ourselves on providing shoppers with organic, heart healthy, fresh and nutritional products.  



Easy Meal Ideas

Life isn’t easy when you’re staring down a busy work week on a limited lunch time budget. So, make lunches for the week all at once! Need some ideas? Here’s a couple:

Grab some Never Any! chicken sausage and sauté it with some fresh produce like bell peppers and onions, along with some cooked pasta. Season it up, portion it out and, boom, efficient grocery shopping turns into efficient meal prepping.

Need something even easier? How about a quinoa bowl, where you can mix and match protein, veggies and seasoning to complement your cooked quinoa. Have leftover salmon? There’s a meal! Snapped up pre-cooked chicken slices? There’s another lunch! Want to skip the meat? Add some cooked pinto beans and you have yourself halfway to a burrito bowl!

For more ideas, check out our Meal Prep Recipes!  

ALDI also makes it a little more manageable with our fresh and healthy selection of ready to eat meals. Check out Little Salad Bar’s pre-assembled salads or create your own with a lettuce mix and fresh produce. Looking for something hot? Grab some microwave ready pork fajitas or Thai coconut chicken and enjoy lunch without the stress.

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